Nefertiti (kuro_rori_ta) wrote in egl,

Leaving Lolita Sale - Low Prices

I have decided to leave the style of lolita so I'm selling the little lolita items I have.   I'll still look at EGL from time to time and I still think lolita is cute but i just decided no to wear it anymore.  I'm not accepting any trades unless it is hnaoto.  I am willing to ship anywhere in the world and accept Paypal (+paypal fees), Money Orders, and Well Concealed Cash.  Shipping is not included unless stated.  I have feedback on 

loligoth_dbs and under my journal name.  If you have any question feel free to ask.  

White An*ten*na Rocking Horse Boots size S - $75 ~SOLD~

White Wedge Sandals size6.5-7 - $10

Black Oxford Style Shoes size6 - $10

Black Wool Fur Trimmed Cape with Bunny Ear Hood and Fulling Lined - $45

Black&White Angelic Pretty replica from K-Star - $35

Pink Pearl Bracelet - $4 including shipping ~SOLD~

Also I have this drawing book I got from chinatown.  It has a very sweet theme to it.  If it is not allowed I'll take it down

Grace Teddy Drawing Book - $5 including shipping ~Payment Pending~

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