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Lailah's Fanime Lolita panel photos

Thanks [info]j9photos for this picture!

We participated in the Lolita fashion panel on Monday~ 

To all the lolitas who participated: I'm so glad we met each other =)  I couldn't have worked with a better group~ even though much of it was very last minute, you guys were so nice to work with and everything went so smoothly.  Thank you! <3

Warning!  20 photos!

:: please click for larger image ::

My first time wearing classic lolita~  Thank you murasaki_kaze for the opportunity!

kawaii_tenshi01 is modeling Punk Lolita:
<3 Blouse: Metamorphose
<3 Skirt: Non-brand
<3 Jacket: MAM
<3 Headdress: AAtP

poisoned_heartx is modeling Gothic Lolita:
<3 Blouse: Metamorphose (?)
<3 JSK: Btssb
<3 Headdress: Btssb
<3 Socks: Btssb
<3 Shoes: ?

kochoumacabre is modeling Gothic Lolita:
<3 Blouse: Non-brand
<3 JSK: Btssb
<3 Headdress: Btssb
<3 Socks: Btssb
<3 Shoes: Lolitalola

I(angeliclailah) am modeling Sweet Lolita: (sorry, since I modeled two styles, there are no pictures of me after the panel wearing this)
<3 Blouse: Angelic Pretty
<3 JSK: Metamorphose
<3 Headdress: Btssb
<3 Socks: Metamorphose
<3 Shoes: Metamorphose
<3 Parasol: Btssb

Abby is modeling Sweet Lolita:
<3 JSK: Btssb
<3 Shoes: Montreal

claudia_ethos is modeling Himeloli:
<3 Blouse: Non-brand
<3 Skirt: ?
<3 Bag: Handmade
<3 Socks: ?
<3 Shoes: ?

sweetiepup is modeling Classical Lolita:
<3 Blouse: Handmade
<3 JSK: Victorian Maiden
<3 Headdress: Angelic Pretty
<3 Shoes: Non-brand

I(angeliclailah) am modeling Classical Lolita:
<3 Blouse: Angelic Pretty
<3 Skirt: Mary Magdelene
<3 Socks: Metamorphose
<3 Shoes: Metamorphose

Now for some Extra pictures!

sweetiepup and me (angeliclailah)

I then started taking some window pictures... cause it was just too beautiful and ethereal~

kochoumacabre looking so pretty!

sweetiepup looks so regal... <3

poisoned_heartx contemplating~

claudia_ethos looking so much like a doll~

kawaii_tenshi01 glances outside~

Abby and kawaii_tenshi01 in red!  They're so cute!

kochoumacabre, claudia_ethos, and poisoned_heartx in the black and white group~  They look so beautiful!

I love this picture!  They look so happy~!  But it was only because I said something funny ・゚・(´ O `;)・゚・... I told them to look down and pretend they're looking at something so interesting... they did it for a second then all bursted laughing... Did I say something wrong??? (; o ; )

Me (angeliclailah) and sweetiepup~
Thank you j9photos for the picture!  I didn't ask anyone to take our pictures, so I'm borrowing this one~!

Our final group photo!
Top: kagayuzen, j9photos, claudia_ethos, kochoumacabre, poisoned_heartx, Abby, kawaii_tenshi01
Bottom: murasaki_kaze, angeliclailah, sweetiepup

Thank you for looking!  Hope you guys liked the photos~!

* I'm sorry if I got your outfit listing wrong, please comment and let me know what to change! Thank you!

For more pictures, please go to Fanime Day 4: Lolita Panel
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