...eat my irresistible love yams :D (ayako) wrote in egl,
...eat my irresistible love yams :D

Anime North 2007

There were many cute lolitas at AN I just wish I was brave enough to ask for pictures. Anyway, oniwitch and I only took photos of each other in true loner style. :p

First off, I must warn you that our picture taking ability is somewhat lacking. If the pics are blurry like this is because we suck :p

Day 1: Photo in font of hotel room closet

Sucking it in. This set is way to small for me and my chesty chest but I just really want to wear the bonnet.

The sheep herder and the punk lolita both nerding it up with our glassses XD

IMO I think she'd look good in some of the Nana Kitade stuff.

This makes me smile. :)

Day 2: Wearing that Meta skirt that I give up on selling.

I had to add this photo too ^^

This is one of many bathroom shots that we took.

What is oniwitch looking at?

Cookies with arms and legs! :D

Took off makeup and about to undress for bed.
(I usually look terrible in photos so this is to self reassure that I don't have a lobster red face D:)

Day 3: Only this shot of me because I've been too busy sneaking photos of the cuteness below

T_T Why is she so cute?

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