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DS: Pink BTSSB Halter-style dress

Posting this again~

I bought it on eBay at the beginning of the year because I -thought- it would fit me. That is not that case. And because I need to pay off my Super Dollfie, I have to let it go.

This is the picture from the auction.

The picture I took of the dress on the dressform in my loft. (sorry for the horrid picture - it's much cuter in person!)

The dress is in like-new condition, even though I am its second owner. It's only been tried on twice and has spent the rest of the time on my dressform.

It should fit sizes S and M (I'm rather large-busted, so it wouldn't zip all the way up for me, but aside from that fit fine.)
I'm asking $195. I accept Paypal only. If I recieve payment by Friday, shipping within the US is free.

Please comment or email tessagi [AT]
Thanks for looking!
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