The Abominable Chax (miyu_sakura) wrote in egl,
The Abominable Chax

Slightly OOC But Important

The watchful folks over at a-community-that-must-not-be-named have come across a disturbing trend in LJ. You can read the details here but the short version is that a rather over-zealous watchdog group named "Warriors of Innocence" has kamikazed LiveJournal by targeting communities and journals that have any mention of controversial terms such as:


This is all in an effort to curtail the rise in sex crimes related to children that occur through online sites and etc.

Obviously this community has a big fat target painted on its rear so I have taken the liberty as a moderator to augment any mention of "lolita" in our interests with the word "fashion". Hopefully this will clarify things and prevent the community from being banned to LJ Hell.

Without extensive social commentary I will say that the group's intentions are good and their strategy is bad. Instead of going out and doing some sort of delightfully violent mob action against the special wing of jail reserved for pedos (in which I would be a gleeful participant) they are going after people who are mainly Internet nerds and just want to carry out their interests peaceably without harming others.

However I recommend to community members that a revision of LJ interests would be a good idea as well as emails to LJ staff. I will be sending my own little email after this entry and I encourage all of you to do so. If you want to protect your freedoms to speech and thought it is not enough to just sit by and hope that the folks above do right by you. There are more of us than there are of zealots. And perhaps a nicely worded email to the "Warriors" would also be good. After all they *do* have good intentions. They're just a bit misguided.

Apologies to fellow mods for the sudden change, they hijacked two personal journals in the past hour so I'd rather play it safe.

And just to be on the safe side, no bloomer shots for a while, kiddies. Or anything which could be read as sexually provocative.

In fact just pose like Mana from now on. By a cross with your eyes cast upwards.

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