Sakura (aisakura) wrote in egl,

I've been captivated by this A&P skirt-

And I'm a even bigger fan of the black version

And a close up to the corset part..

Now.. I know this skirt is sold out on baby, and probably waaay too small for me. (ouch, 34 waist!)
But. I found it on F+F, well. It doesn't look as good and I'm thinking whether or not I wanna get it.
I could probably find a pattern like that and make my own lil corset with boning. But I'll have to find a pattern, etc.
( and Here is the F+F skirt)
Now. I quite like the shirt they have pictured with it. Only its summer here and dear lord, its long sleeves...
Here is the picture of their complete outfit

Now, I also have to buy an underskirt with F+F. Ouch.

Now. What I'm thinking of doing is just buying the shirt since I reaaally like it, and the underskirt.
I'm gonna look around for a pattern for the skirt =D And make the whole black skirt part.
But should I do black or a dark navy blue? =3
The chains will be no prob, thanks to my local ACMoore~ (I get discounts there cause I used to work there and they like me. yay.)
But I also wanna get your insight my fellow EGL friends, on this!
In the end I'll just coordinate the rest with a A&P headpiece and sockz.. ^^
What I'd like is your opinions and what you would add/take away~

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