TheOsakaKoneko (theosakakoneko) wrote in egl,

SWIMMER goods and lots of beautiful IW & Meta B&W items!

Lots of Swimmer goods! Various prices!
Click the photos above to see all the items I have for sale (these are just a few!)

Innocent World Ladder Lace hairbow, $50 including airmail shipping worldwide

Innocent World Wrap Skirt, $114 including EMS shipping worldwide

Innocent World Alice Trump Series Pouch, $45 including airmail shipping worldwide

Metamorphose Frill Skirt black with white, $100 including EMS shipping worldwide

Also, right now I am offering a mini Takarazuka Elizabeth Novelty Fair!
In every purchase of $20 or more I will include a postcard from the 2007 Takarazuka production of Elizabeth!
It's not a huge item or anything, but it is very pretty!
(While supplies last.)

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