Sefie [Up Late for a Sun Cleric] (sefieslj) wrote in egl,
Sefie [Up Late for a Sun Cleric]

WTB: Classic/Not so Sweet JSK (brand only, please)

So, the situation is that my 25th birthday is coming up in a couple of weeks, and my husband's said that he'll buy me a brand dress. I don't attend meets or cons in full blown loli get-up, so I'd prefer to get something that is more muted and sedate so that I can get away with wearing it at work or out socially. Since this is a birthday present, I would prefer Japanese brands only.

My favourite brands are Innocent World and Baby, and I really like darker colours like burgundy and wine, though I am willing to have a look at pastels. I definitely do not like blackXwhite combinations.

My measurements are:
Bust: 35" / 88.9cm
Waist: 28" / 71.2cm
Height: 5'1" / 155cm

Price range will need to be discussed, though please note that I'm in Australia for shipping calculations. I would really like to receive the dress before my birthday, so please don't post if you're not going to be able to deliver fairly soon.

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