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No make-up vs Natural Make-up.

Hi guys, i was in Porland OR for a week, during which time i got an e-mail from a model/make-up artist friend of mine with photos of the above statement and tips. I am now home in Atlanta GA, and am ready to post what she sent me. Haveing been paging trough entries today trying to get caught up, i saw that there was a post like this yesterday (i think) Which is conincidental. I Ask that you look at this if for nothing else than to see the difference of what no make-up and natural make up look like. Plus tips from a  professional model/make-up artist couldn;t hurt. 
OK, i want you all to know that she doesn;t have any picture editing software at home, i actually had to go in and rotate the pictures so they were facing upright, so these are taken at home by her. 
no make up on the left, make -up on the right.

ok, with this she sent me what she was wearing in the photo on the right:

mac hyperreal foundation (applied lightly with 190 brush)
mac studio fix (buffed into skin with 180 brush)
brow pencil in spiked
clear brow gel
sheer pigment on cheeks for a bit of color and glow. i forget what color. its a pink-champagne shade

i usually wear a base under my shadows so they stay on but i dont think i did that
shadows: brow highlight in shroom, lid in naked lunch, crease in... i forget. a medium matte brown. ha. all applied with a 222 mac brush in less than 30 seconds.
eye pencil in ebony, used only on upper waterline. called "tight lining" making eyes appear bigger and lashes thicker
mascara in zoomblack on top and bottom

lip stain in not so shy
lip conditioner in virtuous violet

its a lot more product than it looks like. if i wore this around most guys they'd think i had on mascara and thats it.
i happened to put all mac stuff on today but i can suggest other product lines.

The next day she sent me another e-Mail with tips in it:
once i start writing i just keep going...ha

MAKEUP BASICS.............

avoid doing your makeup in florescent light or with a magnifying mirror. is anyone REALLY going to be that close to your pores? no. you'll just put too much on. as far as florescent light goes... it just sucks :P

get a good moisturizer that suits your skin! if you have oily skin, get a lotion that helps control oil. no matter how great a job you do, your makeup will look like crap if your skin is all flakey or too oily.

if you're prone to break outs, or your skin has a rough texture for some other reason, try a primer before putting foundation on. a silicon base helps smooth the surface and keeps foundation on longer. this is also good for oily skin or anyone that wants a smoother look. i hear laura mercier makes a good one.

even a tinted moisturizer or a sheer powder will make your skin look smooth and even out discoloration. it takes like 15 seconds to put on. oh, and USE A BRUSH! dont put dirt and oil from your fingers or a dirty sponge into your makeup. thats gross :P brushes blend better so your makeup can look more natural. alsoooo, sponges will just absorb liquids and you'll end up wasting your makeup cause it wont go on your skin.

and clean your brushes at least twice a week or as needed :)

if you use a foundation, have someone at a counter match your shade. dont go after you've been tanning or in the sun all day or if you just used self tanner! make sure it matches in NATURAL light, and that it works with your skin type.
oily skin- get a matte finish foundation or powder foundation
breakout prone skin- cream foundations will give the most coverage
large pores/wrinkles- dont get a foundation that is supposed to make your skin "glow". go with something matte or natural. it will make them look bigger if you try to have shimmery skin :x
combination- usually a semi-matte natural, medium coverage will work
normal, few break outs- go ahead and try a sheer finish or illuminizing foundation. it can look very nice. :)
dry skin- moisturizing foundation (duh). or mix liquid foundation with a moisturizer for a sheer finish.
REALLY REALLY dry- moisturize, exfoliate, drink water... and try only a sheer tint until its better!

blend from the center outwards..most people need the most coverage across their nose/cheeks and under the eyes.usually the areas along the jaw, temples, and hair line dont need much coverage. you really dont have to put anything there at all as long as you blend it all well. also, this will prevent the look of a line between your jaw and neck.

try thinner layers of concealer and build them up. dont go thinking you have the worst skin ever and glob on a bunch and try to blend it. it'll probably just end up creasing. put it on AFTER foundation. a lot of times you wont even need it where you think you will- the foundation will cover it. i dont wear any concealer a lot of the time. just a sheer layer of foundation and then powder to set it.

for powders, a loose powder goes on lightly, pressed powder can give more coverage. then there are shimmers and bronzers and fancy ones, but no matter what, use a powder brush :)

hmmm... lets see what else
blush- thats really up to the person. i think a lot of people skip it, but it really does help you look healthy, and APPARENTLY attract men. they like... did some study about gorillas with redder faces getting more guys or something like that. yeahhh
you can use powder, cream, gel, or stain. generally speaking stick with powder if you're oily, cream works better for drier skin types. stains and gels work for pretty much anyone. if you want something really easy, get one of those all over color sticks that you can use on your lips and eyes too. i really like NARS blush and "the multiple". they have a VERY popular blush called Orgasm and a gloss to match... and a multiple called Copacabana with just enough shimmer.

eye colors- if you like bright, try makeup forever, mac, nars, ben nye, and kryolan. for pretty, natural shades, try laura mercier, nars, makeup forever, or some cheaper stuff :) nothing wrong with that for natural color. its just that you're gonna want a lot of pigment for brights and darks, so spend more on those. frosty colors with more mica tend to break easier. oh, and try putting a base (primer, cream shadow, crayon shadow) down first so the color really grabs.

pigments- i LOVE pigments. they're loose powder color. you can use them anywhere and make custom colors and lip gloss and all sorts of fun things. glitters, shimmers, frosts, mattes, etc, and you can make your own!

mascara- i really like mac's zoomlash. lots of people say its all in the brush.. im not sure about that. i've used the same disposable brushes at shoots with differnet formulas and i definitely get different results. anyway, some cheaper ones are mabelline lash stlyist and cover girl lashexact. i use black 99.9% of the time. curl your lashes if they're straight. they'll look a lot longer and your eyes will look bigger. i like mac's curler the best out of the one ive used so far cause it wont pinch you or...cut off your eyelashes or something CRAZY!

brows- ive already written a whole blog about this one... nice looking brows can TOTALLY change a person's face. so if you aren't completely amazing at shaping brows i highly suggest having them SHAPED professionally. not just waxed. if you do it yourself, you can use toothache medicine or ice held on the area before to numb the skin some. if you have white eye pencil, you can color in the hairs you think you want to pluck and get an idea of the shape before you actually start. you can use wax or gel to hold brow hairs in the shape you want.

lips- this is also an area where there are a million options. i could go on forever about it, so i wont. basically, stains last a long time but can feel dry, gloss is shiny but can be sticky, conditioners are good :) lipsticks cause be matte, sheer, frost, cream, satin, etc. too many things to mention. ha. liner will keep your color on your lips longer. i dont like most long wear color. um. try some stuff! see what you like. pencils are good cause you can change the shape of your lips with that and concealer.

eyeliners- pencils are basic, smudge resistant is good if its silky and smooth and you want to maybe blend just a little or just have a thin line stay all day, kohls dont usually stay put as long but blend well, liquid takes more practice, gels stay longer and can achieve a pencil or liquid look (so i like them)

brushes- please use brushes. please? basically, the stiffer they are the more color they put down. fluffy ones give you a wash of color or theyre good for blending. i dont want to describe every brush out there, so if you have a question ask :P

thats all i can think of right now.

also, this site is telling the truth :P   for the most part... i didnt like voluminous mascara. heh, and my friend didnt like the guerlain loose powder kohl (but look at the bottle, its soooo cool!)

I understand that some girls are allergic to make-up, and the mention of bare minerals and other similar products have come up. i have used these and like them alot. I also realise that (small though the numbers may be) there are people out there who look like they have make-up on when they really don;t. i am envious of you. My whole point of this isn;t "everyone must wear make-up!" its that you spend so much money on brand name or so much time sewing your own beautiful clothes, and take so much time to coodinate them with the right shoes or bag, but then don;t even take 5 minutes to do you face. its almost like all that planning was for nothing. 

in case anyone wants to see her modeling pics or make-up artist portfolio, here is her website:

Once again, sorry for posting this so immediately after the other post, but i had this waiting in my e-mail for like 5 days, and now that i'm home i would like to share it with you. I know its alot to read, but theres some really good advice in there, and i feel this would look fine with any look, sweet loli or other.

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