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MaruiOne building moved? ah~ help!

hey I just heard that the MaruiOne (onejuku) building has moved..... I need to know it's current location.
last week I posted about how I need help picking out what to have my friend Karl buy for my at Baby while he was in Japan. I was sending him to the MaruiOne building....

I gave him the Tokyo/Shinjuku guide map that was in the memories (which happens to be old and way outof date I guess, someone should update it...or has someone done a more recent post on it?...I feel like they did, but I couldn't find anything..).

 but I just found out that that is not it's location anymore, they moved~!

so I need to know ASAP....

is this map on the onejuku website correct....? b/c if so I think that is all he would need...
is this what he would need? (he can read japanese..)

please help me~! onegaishimasu m(_)m
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