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Sorry to repost so soon but I really need to clear out all these. Prices have been lowered and more items added, so I hope it makes reposting okay.

*All prices include shipping (from Singapore) unless otherwise stated.
*This time I will not charge Paypal fees.
*I accept either form of Paypal. I would rather not accept e-checks, but if nobody else is interested in the item I don't have a problem with it.
*Feedback on personal journal/loligoth_dbs
*I am open to trades: Algonquins, Super Lovers, Sex Pot Revenge, Sexy Dynamite. I'm looking for pants (especially jeans), cutsews and accessories.
*I don't mind holding, but the last day I can ship these items out will be 6 June, otherwise you will have to wait until 24 June before I can ship the items out. Those who can pay the fastest will get priority though. If you pay by tomorrow I can ship them all out by Friday, if within the next 12 hours, tomorrow.
*All prices are negotiable, don't be shy to ask for a lower price if you are purchasing more than one item or even if you are just buying one item.

Emily Temple skirt SOLD

Metamorphose tote SOLD

Tartan skirt

closeup of lace
bad photo of it being worn x_x

This was made by myself, I've worn it out once before...but I really don't have space for it :( The fabric is cotton-polyester, the lace is not excellent, but I feel it doesn't look cheap. The texture is quite rough though. The ends of the skirt are hemmed. In the picture it is worn with a petticoat underneath, but it could definitely get a lot more poofy.

It is made for a 25-26" waist, it will not stretch anymore than that. The length is about 19.5".

Price: $30

Non-brand socks

Pinkxwhite striped (Knee high) $10
Heart argyle (OTK) $10 (these are like the ones that osakaneko_sales are selling, for reference, since the picture isn't too good)

Both pairs have been used once, there are some signs of use around the ankle area, but is not obvious when worn. It is in generally good condition.

Putumayo hoodie

closeup of print
sleeve/pocket detail

It's very stretchy and could accommodate up to pretty large sizes, but looks good on the more petite as well. I estimate the max is 38", or maybe more. The material is very thin and great for summer.
Price: $90 $75

BABY headdress

closeup of lace

I forgot to take a picture of the tag and I can't really be stuffed to pull out the camera again, but if you really want proof I can do that ^-^ It was purchased from kitaosatchan on impulse...I don't have anything for it to go with.
Price: $35 $28 PENDING

Peace Now cutsew

Condition is like new, but has been used a few times before.
The maximum bust is 35".
Price: $32 $25


1.NANA photobook SOLD
2.Maison mook. It has stuff about clothes, hair, makeup, nails and BJDs, just a little bit of everything. $25 PENDING
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