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DS: Cheap sweet lolita jsk, cardigan, shoes

I'm at the point where I'm just bored/disenchanted with my current lolita wardrobe, so I'm just gonna be letting go gradually of almost the rest of what I've got left after weight-loss sales and buying up new stuff with whatever I earn. Be on the lookout for my last two lolita skirts soon and some super-cheap tops, har har.

Accept both CC and non-CC paypal, and international buyers should be warned of the USPS's new policy of way over-charging global mail. Paypal is cbueno(dot)sanders(at)gmail(dot)com.

Everything on! Measurements here for reference: Bust 37", waist 32"

1) Forever 21 cardigan, size L: Super stretchy, comfortable; I'd imagine it fitting up to a 42" bust or thereabouts. Worn once for a couple hours, then folded and put in a shipping envelope for my own convenience. $14 shipped US

2) Payless "Castle" flats, size 8.5: Recommend more for those who are 8-8.5 than those who are 8.5-9 (me). $15 shipped US

(sorry about the bra-strap peeking thar)

The back of the skirt looks wonky from me yanking on it like a 'tard :X but you can see the back panel shirring.
3) Pink gingham empire jumperskirt: Made by yours truly. Absolute minimum measurements would be mine, maybe an inch smaller; I would say it has about 4" of stretch in the bust and waist, so up to bust 42" and waist 36". I'm 5'4" and I would not recommend this for anybody over 5'5" or under 5'0".
Make an offer; do NOT ask me how much I want or how little I'll let it go for. MAKE ME AN OFFER.

Thanks guys!
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