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Direct sale: Pink x white one-piece

So I've really fallen in love with one of the Baby bags, and since I've been debating whether to sell this one-piece as I never wear it, it seemed like a good time to sell.
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This is a gorgeous pink and white striped cotton one-piece dress. It has a square neckline, puffed sleeves with detachable long bell sleeves, faux corsetting at the back and hidden snap closures down the front. It is trimmed with three different kinds of high-quality eyelet lace, has a fully lined bodice and the skirt is very full and heavy. Seriously, this dress has so much fabric it bent a plastic coathanger in two because of the thickness and weight. You can see more photographs of individual details in this commission post I made a while ago, and this post shows what it's like being worn.
More photos:
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The one-piece has been worn twice, once for a few hours for the photoshoot and once for an hour or so for a tea party. I will get it dry-cleaned before I ship it. It comes with a matching eyelet lace miniature collar or simple headband (can be worn either way due to the ribbon ties) and I will make either a new headdress or Alice bow like these examples, since it's always nicer to have new accessories. If desired, I can also sew small pink heart buttons down the centre of the dress (I always intended them to be part of the design, but I never ended up sewing them on.) I love this one-piece and will be sorry to see it go - it was my first major lolita dress - but I don't wear one-pieces much as I prefer the versatility of skirts and JSKs.

Made for a 36 inch bust, 28 inch waist, free hip. The bust will probably fit up to a 37 inch but not much beyond that as it is a tailored bodice. The upper puffed sleeve bands are also quite firm-fitting on my arms, especially with the bell sleeves attached. The skirt is 24 inches from the waist to the edge of the lace. I'm 5'5" and it falls just below my knees, so I'd recommend this for someone who's slightly taller - maybe 5'7" would have a nice knee-length look.

I'd like $100 US plus shipping OBO. Because this is quite heavy, I'd estimate that shipping will be about $20 to the US or UK as I live in NZ, but I'm willing to bargain so please make me an offer. I accept Paypal only, CC or non-CC (I don't charge fees for CC either - I'll pay them myself.)
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