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Brisbane Winter Lolita Meet.

We started at the Pancake Manor which is an old church converted to a pancake/crepe resturant. I heart the ladies bathroom is as haunted as it is unsanitary down there ;) Am i rite girls!?? 99% of these photos were taken by the beautiful ainead

The Round Table

That's hart_chaos, Joe, pinnacle_star, bleedingxpaints, my dorky boyfriend and me sweetphaex

(Not pictured, ainead, chucks_bitch61percentand  eternity_horsewho had to leave early) 

After we ate we went and malingered around some old buildings on Mary/George Street. 

We're in ur archway - steelin' ur windowz. 

pinnacle_star and me. 

hart_chaos rocking the yellow Metamorphose \mn/

My BF's claim to fame is that he was a child actor (extra) in Corination Street when he was a wee lad. I think I only date him 'cause he sounds exactly like Bernard Black from Black Books.

pinnacle_star again  and bleedingxpaints, looking much better than I ever did in that A-line Meta dress.

This is our obligatory 'girly' hand holding photograph.

Sally is blinding me with her shirt, It seems that I only have two facial expressions: smug and somewhat vacant. ~_~ 

I cut my hand cuting the ribbon to put on Nat's hat.... this is a pretty photograph....

ainead is gorgeous! We should have grabbed more pictures of her!!!

bleedingxpaints is such a sweety <3

I'm in ur brand - smokin' my death.

Strike a pose!

We eventually stopped acting like homeless people hanging out around peoples doorways and went down to Gardens point in front of Parliment House where there was a wedding in progress, we decided to space invade and got a few pictures of us infront of the cars. I'd like to think that this is my smokin' ride which facilitates my 'pimping of the ho's' but alas, tis not.

That's not my butler, car, palace or lowly servents. ;__;

More car posings...
Boyfriend: ZOMG CARS!!11!!1
Me: .... oh look, a peanut! 8D

marched down to the Royal Botanical Gardens. Due to level 5 water restrictions due to a sever drought there aren't a lot of flowers in bloom at the formal gardens and all the grass is a bit dead but it's still a pretty spot.

ainead kept cracking up laughing during this - we call this the ABBA pose.

This one's my favourite =D

A pretty Victorian water fountain - turned off due to water restrictions... So thirsty...

Instead of drinking water, Australians stand around where water used to be and hope that more comes... one day...

I have exhausted all my water restriction jokes...

Obligatory shoe thing.

Obligatory Bling Thing.

jsk: Innocent World
blouse: Myer/Miss Shop
headress: handmade
petti: made by atratus_rowena
bloomers: Metamorphose
tote: Metamorphose

skirt: Metamorphose
petti: made by chucks_bitch
blouse + boots: its a mystery
socks: Alice and the Pirates

jsk: Metamorphose
shoes: Double Decker
headdress: Bodyline

skirt + blouse + beret: handmade (the clever cookie)
petti: made by metanoia_cw
shoes: Ling Lam

jacket: Volcom
breeches: Temt
blouse + socks + shoes: off brand.
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