anachronisticme (anachronisticme) wrote in egl,

Baby Questions

Hi! I was just wondering if anyone had this skirt? (images are not working, but it's that cutsew skirt that is not really ugly like there other three, lol, The plain one with two tiers) I saw a couple on yahoo japan recently and I kind of want one, what do you guys think of it? I like that it's more than half the price of the regular skirts, plus it's more casual so I would probably wear it more. ^_^ Also, do you think I could still rock black shoes with a pink skirt? What if I was wearing some socks with black on them? Oh and one last thing, I want a bunny cutsew and I think it would look totally adorable with jumperskirts and skirts and I would use it all the time, but I am worried that the ears might flop funny and I might want to get a blouse instead? But I am a very casual person. Sorry about all these questions, I want to order some stuff so I can get one of those awesome ice cream bags!
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