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An odd question

So I have a bit of an unusual problem. I usually wear jumper skirts or one-pieces with my lolita wear, so I've never run into this issue before, but my new favorite skirt keeps giving me troubles. Say you have this skirt that's slightly too big for you. You don't really have the hips to hold it up where it belongs. You're not at risk of falling out of it, but it does tend to slip down past where it's supposed to sit, and let's face it--constantly pulling your skirt up just doesn't look classy. The combined layers of bloomers and petticoat sort of help it stay in place, but it's a heavy skirt--it likes to tug your petti down a bit too, thus ruining your perfect bell shape. So, how the heck do you hold it up? Do you wear something underneath that you can pin it to, such as an undershirt? Invest in a petti with a tighter waist so that it won't slip? Visit the witch on the other side of the woods and beg for secret loli magic?

Any and all crazy ideas will be considered. I am one step away from lashing the thing to my waist.
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