♥♡♥Open Your Eyes DOLL♥♡♥ (harlekini) wrote in egl,
♥♡♥Open Your Eyes DOLL♥♡♥

Shipping service idea?

I have this totally crazy idea that might either be completely idiotic or completely genious, depends on how it actually works, which is why I want to ask you guys.

I'm leaving for Japan in a few months to study. Of course I won't have enough money to support my awful lifestyle and love of shopping, so...I thought about something that works like this:

You check out a loli/punk/kodona or the like-site that DOES NOT SHIP OVERSEAS (ie. not Algonquins or Baby etc), you link me, I go check it out if it's available, you pay for the item+shipment+around...say 15% interest, I send it as soon as possible. And I might sell second hand stuff now and then too.

Would that work legally?

(Hey, don't steal my idea! ;D)
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