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Oregon Lolis!

OK, first forgive me if i spelled your state wrong(**fixed!**). Second, i am here! a little GA loli will be wandering your zoo, rose gardens, and japanese gardens all day today! i give us about one hour before we depart, and will be stopping at the zoo first, and the gardens later. I unfortunately can;t meet up for tea or anything as i am with friends, but it would be nice to possibly see another loli walking by and saying hi. =) so maybe you would like to visit the zoo with friends today? =P In any case i'll be there in loli (my only loli day!). If not, on sat i won;t be in loli, but i would still be cool to see one, i'll be at the saturday market and the c-13 vendors tommorow. i'll keep my eyes peeled. =)
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