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Hair style experiment

I'd like to share one of my experiments with you ^__^ it was the first time I've ever attempted putting my hair up in a way that would make sitting in the car with the window down a nightmare! Feel free to delete this if you find this off topic but I figured hair is an imporant factor to being in Lolita wear ^__^.

I was always a bit bored of the hair styles that were easy to do like just curling it, leaving it straight, etc so I decided to try something new that would match the Marie line from Baby and I noticed that quite a few girls here have some dresses from that line and thought maybe they'd like to spruce it up with something quick, easy, and cute ^__^. I recently bought the Marie jsk but I haven't recieved it yet so please forgive me that I'm not in lolita wear! Nothing I own really suited this very well, plus I did this hair style for work.

Now first I tried it this way where it was half up half down [mind my stupid expression ^__^;;]:
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[you can see the back as well but just a little ^__^]

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[top view]

I wanted to curl the rest of my hair but this hair style suits tighter, thinner curls so I didn't. [I only have a BIG curling iron >__<]
This was actually inspired by the Marie jsk from Baby that I've purchased a few days ago. I wanted a hair style that would match better then the usual down w/ curls. I highly suggest wearing SOMETHING like a head band, head dress, ANYTHING on your head to cover the space in between because it looks a little unusual ^__^;;

how did you do it?
All I did was just make a big palm tree on my head with the desired amount of hair I wanted, put it back and poofed it. Then pinned it in place and sprayed the living daylights out of it! [I used a Paul Mitchel *sp?* hair spray but I think aqua net will do the trick too!]

Second hair style
Then when once I got home from work I didn't want to take it down so I fooled around with it some more and made it into this:

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I suppose this would be better if it were hot [so it's great for summer!]. All I did was just made one big pin curl in the back and it looked like a flower was coming out of the back of my head ^__^;;

The time it took to do the first hair style was about 10 minutes [wow!] and it lasted up to 6 hours without it deflating or anything. And I did a lot of things that day. I tried on clothes, rode in cars, got my head pet several times -__-;; and it still stayed rock hard!

I hope you all liked it ^__^. Forgive me for not wearing anything lolita I just got home from work and didn't feel pretty enough to be in lolita. I'll try curling it when I recieve my jsk so you all don't have to experiment on yourselves ^__^.
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