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WTB: cheap jsk! <3

Mweh, i hope the lj-cut works o.o
Anyway, hi! <3
My 'graduation'(well, it isn't exactly the same) is comming up kinda soon(27th june), and my mom have promised she'll buy me a dress, if i can find a cheap one ^_________^
Black x black, black x white, or maybe red x white. Lace up would be awesome, or maybe the possibility of me adding it myself ^^ Also, none empire waists or shirring covering the whole front please :D <3
waist: 30-32" / 77-80cm
hips: 35-36" / 90cm
bust: 36" / 92cm
*points up* my measurements :3
I know it isn't easy finding a cheap jsk like that, but i think my budget is around 90$ including shipping to Denmark o.o
I don't care about brand or anything as long it's in good condition and not looking to much cosplay-ish ^^
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