Jane (peony_pink) wrote in egl,

"starter" blouse?

Hi, everyone. ^^; I'm new to the community, and although I've been a fan of loli style for a good few years I'm only just starting to get into it myself - so forgive me if I make a fool of myself. :p

So yeah, I'm about to buy a kind of base outfit to kick off my wardrobe. Because I'll be buying quite a few things at once, I probably won't be able to afford real brand stuff yet (at least if I want to do anything else this summer and not starve this autumn :p), but In The Starlight seems to do some pretty nice items. I was thinking I'd buy the gingham skirt, petticoat (haven't quite decided what kind yet :p), and maybe a black bow (from ITS or elsewhere). And some new socks. I plan to buy a good all-round pair of black MJs, too (I just bought a lovely black leather/brown corduroy pair for only £10, but for the most part they'll have to wait for when I can afford a lovely Country Lolita jsk or something :x).

The sticking point for me, really, is the blouse. Initially I thought a black blouse might go best with the skirt, but then I thought a white blouse would work too, would be more suitable for the upcoming summer and would be a better staple item when it comes to coordinating future buys. I'm not 100% sure on how nice the ITS ones would actually be in person, though, as in my experience a good blouse can be kind of hard to find. I don't want to end up with a lovely skirt and shoes but looking awkward on top.

So I suppose my questions are:

* How nice are the ITS blouses, for anyone who's worn one? How is the quality, and would you say it's flattering? I'm kind of worried the small collar on the Dolly Blouse, for example, would make me look kind of huge and top-heavy. :x
* Would you say it's worth spending more/going over-budget to get a really high-quality blouse to start off with? The worst thing is that I technically do have the money saved to go on a mega spending spree, but I can't afford to use it all up. XD But I might be able to spend a bit more at a push.
* Any other advice or ideas when it comes to getting a first, base loli blouse? Any other good places I could look?
* If anyone's got anything that could be suitable that they want to sell, please speak up too! :3

If you got this far, thank you very much for your patience! I have taken a look in some of the memories, but still felt I could use a bit of personal, more specific advice. ^^;
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