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need help deciding....please help and vote...

hey guys...
My friend Karl is going to Japan next week and has kindly offered to go shopping for me (what a sweety~! he says it will be fun going into lolita stores. he likes loli...if only he wasn't gay *sigh* what a great boyfriend he would make....anyways I digress)

Anyways, here is where you come in. I can't decide which dress to choose....
HELP~!!!!!! onegaishimasu      m(_)m

I already have one dress picked out (only getting two). This one. My first pink dress 0_0 so far all my brand stuff is fairly toned down, dark colors like navy blue, and dark green, black etc...
dress I AM decided on....

but I can't decide which seocnd dress to pick out *sigh*

funnily enough both choices I am trying to decide between are the same style ^___^

I really have liked the blue Wizard of OZ jumper, it's a bit more expensive then my other choices though. But I have an adorable pair of red Meta shoes that would go amazing with this dress.

pink plaid...omg do I LOVE plaid >_< I like this one b/c you don't see light pink plaid very often...LOL, I asked my dad and he liked this one the best ^____^ it's just cute. and it reminds me of Mini Moni, my favorite jpop group of all time~

so that's it...which of those two do you think would be better to get?
 if I got both pink...then I feel like I would have two pink dresses that looked slightly similar.....but the blue wizard of Oz it too cute..but more money.
I am 50/50 and just cannot decide! I need to know by tomorrow, so please help me decide!!!!

man, I hope they have these dresses in stock 0_0 good thing he will be going to several of the cities where Baby has stores....hopfully he would be able to check out another one if he couldn't find the stuff in one.....
also getting some socks and some bloomers hopefully ^_^
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