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shake your fluffy tush on the catwalk (ACEN 2007)

2007 ACEN Gothic & Lolita Fashion Show

Just moments before the doors were opened and attendees allowed into the ballroom, the models await their turn for a moment in the spotlight.

Gothic + Lolita

Sweet + Lolita

Punk + Lolita

Classic + Lolita

Sailors & Pirates + Lolita

Hime, Kuro, & Shiro + Lolita

Country, Wa, & Qi + Lolita

Complimentary Boystyles - Lolita

School & Casual + Lolita

Ero & Guro + Lolita

Everyone + Lolita

Out-takes + Lolita

This was an attempt to show cheap lace...but really, everyone was flashed. @_@

When Chicago-land lolita congregate, Danae MUST physically attack Ariel. This is a law of nature and cannot be bent or broken.

A Note From Alice:
          Unfortunately, the lighting in the ballroom was very bad for taking pictures, and the constant click of camera flashes did little to help this. My aim was to choose pictures that, even if they were not technically very nice, captured the feel of a fashion show in progress.
          THANK YOU VERY MUCH to all the models, who were absolutely wonderful~ Things went very well even though there wasn't any practice. (And though Raff had no shoes...oops.) And thank you to the wonderful mother of Miss Emma, who took pictures with my camera while I was in the show. n_n
          Also, unlike all of the other Chicago-area people, the Alice cannot provide witty comments. I apologize if the lack of humor is too boring. ; ; I am lame.

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