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*All prices include shipping (from Singapore) unless otherwise stated.
*I accept either form of Paypal. I would rather not accept e-checks, but if nobody else is interested in the item I don't have a problem with it.
*Please tell me if paying by CC-Paypal, buyer pays the fees.
*Feedback on personal journal/loligoth_dbs
*I am open to trades: cutsews and hairties, maybe a jumper skirt (black, white, pink, red). I will also definitely look at items from brands: Algonquins, SPR, Super Lovers, Banana Fish, Sexy Dynamite, but absolutely no h.Naoto please.
*I don't mind holding, but the last day I can ship these items out will be 6 June, otherwise you will have to wait until 24 June before I can ship the items out. Those who can pay the fastest will get priority though.

Putumayo hoodie

closeup of print
sleeve/pocket detail

It's very stretchy and could accommodate up to pretty large sizes, but looks good on the more petite as well. I estimate the max is 38", or maybe more. The material is very thin and great for summer.
Price: $90

BABY headdress

closeup of lace

I forgot to take a picture of the tag and I can't really be stuffed to pull out the camera again, but if you really want proof I can do that ^-^ It was purchased from kitaosatchan on impulse...I don't have anything for it to go with.
Price: $35

BxB headdress

Price: $15
AP replica skirt

It is basically this skirt, but in white x white and there is no lace trimming at the front, only at the hem and the hem of each layer of ruffles.

the original back
Mine does not have the bustle nor the waist tie.

My own photos:

Waist: About 26 inches or 66 cm
Price: $32

Peace Now cutsew

Condition is like new, but has been used a few times before.
The maximum bust is 35".
Price: $32

BABY bolero

this is the original seller's pics
a similar bolero on the BABY site
the actual shade of red

Hasn't been worn before except to try on, condition is like new.
It is basically free size because of the ribbon tie, but I wouldn't recommend it for, say, over 38".
Price: $85

Thanks for looking!

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