rosa_duchamp (rosa_duchamp) wrote in egl,

Cleaning out my Lolita closet ^_^


I'm selling some cute dresses, a wig, and more! The reason for this sale is because I want to buy a Angelic Pretty dress and I've almost got the money !! ^_^ So help me and buy my stuff ! (haha)

Before I put the pictures on, there are some things I need to say:

- I only accept paypal
- Only react when you are a serious buyer
- Tell me where you live, so I can find out how much it will cost to ship it to your country

The sizes of the dresses are:

Waist: 72 cm
Bust: 88 cm

But I think they can strech a lot, because all the dresses are a bit big for me

Black and white kitty dress (with the kitty ear hat!) : 120 USD

Pink Wig: 30 USD

Red Dress (including hair ribbons, necklace + headress): 110 USD

Black Piano Socks: 12 USD

White Ribbon Bracelet: 7 USD

Blue Sailor Dress: 110 USD


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