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Feedback available HERE. I also want everyone to know that I am a registered business.

I've learned a lot since my last F+F wholesale order, so this time I would like to open up the order to other people so I can get an even larger quantity and we can all enjoy in the discount. Since there were mistakes made on their end (simply invoicing, nothing wrong with the quality!) last time, I am also going to see if I can get free shipping or at least even more discounted. But now, let's count on there being shipping charges.

Info: FAN PLUS FRIEND LINK The discount will probably be between 40-45% off the retail price on the site, depending on how many items we have in total.

Shipping charges from F+F to me will probably be between $5-6/piece. If you are in the Calgary, AB area, then we can do a meetup to exchange the clothes. If you are in Edmonton or going to be attending Animethon in August, my store (Inspired Cat Ling Mao) is confirmed as attending Animethon so you could do pick up then if you are willing to wait instead of paying for shipping.

About customs charges. I have learned a lot. We cannot order this quantity and get this kind of saving unless it is released to a business, which I have, so we are good there. F+F marked everything as being worth $1 last time and shipped through UPS. This was a mistake that we will correct this time. Clothes will be marked on a sliding scale with about the highest being $15/piece and shipped through EMS to avoid any shipping charges, but we will probably still receive some. Last time my order was over 200 pieces and the charges were only $5/piece. You can still save a lot of money even if we receive customs charges!
All clothing will be marked with my label, Ling Mao and will say Made In China to avoid the catastrophe of last time having to go in and sew tags into each piece.

Deadline for now will be June 10th. It will take them approximately one month to complete the order. I must receive all payment by then to include you in the order. I can receive payment from those in Canada through personal cheque (1 week hold), email interac bank transfer, concealed cash sent registered mail as well as Paypal (but there will be that pesky 4% fee, no fees for other methods). If you are from out of Canada, then Paypal is all I can accept.

If you are interested, please send me an email at with this information:

Name/LJ Name:
Email/Phone Number:
Item Title
Retail Price
Color and Size Information
(and repeat for multiple items)
Payment method:

Only clothing or accessories made at the factory can be included in the order. So unfortunately their bags are not eligible for a price discount, but can be included for a shipping discount.
Custom sizing can be ordered, it will not slow down the order!!

I think that just about covers it for F+F. Onto Ling Lam...
Ling Lam Shop Link

Discount will be 35% off for 50-100 pairs of shoes. She has not yet told me about how much we can save on shipping. I prefer to receive through EMS than Airmail, but if those putting in the order with me are more interested in Airmail, I'm sure we can compromise and do that.
The deadline for now is June 10th as well,
I'm still discussing things with her, so I will update more later, but if you are interested, please email me with at
Name/LJ Name:
email/phone number:
URL for eBay listing of the type of shoe you want with size/colour information
Repeat for multiple shoes

Again, you can contact me through comments here or
I think that about covers it, but if I left anything out or if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me, I am very nice ^^

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