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DS: White Creepers by T.U.K. fits Sz 9W, Good for Kodona

This is a direct sale for White Creepers by T.U.K., Like New Condition

(Image yoinked from Angry Young & Poor, the place of original purchase.)

They are marked as a Men's 6, which translates into a Women's 8. However, T.U.K.'s shoes also run large, so these shoes fit a Men's Size 7/Women's size 9. I'm only getting rid of these because they are too large. I bought them knowing they were going to be too large, but needed them desperately for an event.

My particular pair were worn once just to try on, and then a second time for about three hours. They are in perfect condition otherwise, without any markings or scratches.

These are perfect for Kodona, Visual Kei, or Decora.

I originally paid $50 for them, almost $65 including shipping.
Since I wore them for the three hours, I'm asking for $37USD + Shipping, pretty good for like new condition. :B

I'll do worldwide shipments (and if you're in Canada, I'll mark it as a gift cause I know customs are a bitch. :B) I can accept Paypal from anyone, and Checks/Money Orders from US residents. If you want to know cost for shipping, just leave me a comment with your zipcode. ^^

If you'd like additional images for detail or proof I have them, I can definitely do that. I'm just lazy. ^^

I have feedback here on eBay.

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