。・☆。・☆・。Sunshine. (jfairy) wrote in egl,

The saddest thing for a girl is to buy something and find out it doesn't fit in the end even though she absolutely adores it T__T I just went to an anime convention today... bought something really wonderful from inspiredcat (which I thank so much ^^ you looked really wonderful today!) and find that you are less fatter than what you thought you were T_____T (and plus... my spending habits haven't been so great lately T__T)

So unfortunately, I have to sell this skirt cause I absolutely can't fit into it T__T Instead of the white layer, it's black. But I have (attempted) to try it on. It looks really wonderful being a punk loli. It's a size US12 so it has a 26' waist and is about 20'ish inches (pretty much knee length) and is in new condition from Ling Mao. I am selling this for $45CAD, shipping not included (and will be calculated when I have a buyer). Thanks for looking ^^

Image taken from http://www.angelfire.com/planet/lingmao/Fanplusfriend.html

I'm also selling something more VK than gothic lolita. It's a vest, however, it does go quite well with the skirt and so will look good as a punk loli =) It's made in Hong Kong and has extremely good stitching and details! This is has a waist size of around 26' max (sides are like corsets so they are adjustable) and bust is about a 32' max. The price for this is $50CAD.

And lastly this black skirt with an expandable waist up to around 29' or so. It has been worn twice, but there is nothing damaged and looks fine still. Selling it at $10CAD.

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