Xty (faithfulmoder) wrote in egl,

How Loli Are You? - Quiz!

So Lolita for many is a fashion choice, from what I've seen lurking around here, and has been said to not really be an organized lifestyle or subculture.

However, it pulls a lot from Victorian and earlier aesthetics, so I got to thinking about what a Lolita subculture would involve and wondered if it would mirror the upper nobility of those societies. And it makes a nice break from packing. ;)

So here's the following quiz, intended for amusement only and not to be taken seriously... :)

Give yourself one point for each yes, zero for each no.

1. Can you ride a horse?

2. Can you embroider?

3. Give yourself a point for every language(other than your native one) that you can speak or read or write at at least an intermediate level. Two points for each classical language like Greek and Latin.

4. Do you know proper, formal table manners?

5. Give yourself a point for every instrument(voice included) you can play at at least an intermediate level.

6. Can you hunt with dogs?

7. Do you read poetry? Two points total if you write poetry(well).

8. One point if you've been complimented on your handwriting.

9. Can you do any formal/ballroom dances?

10. Can you name all the Gospels?

11. Have you had formal tea in the last month?

12. Are you familiar with classical Western mythology?

13. Have you played cards with your friends in the last month?

14. Can you handle a pistol?

15. Have you sent a handwritten letter in the last month?

16. Give yourself a point for every book you've read in the last month.


10-15 (or more) = Wow. You'd make a very cultured addition to any gathering, or an excellent mentor in the Lolita world. Congratulations!

5-9 = You know enough to be well-rounded in your cultural Loli-ness!

0-4 = You are thoroughly of the modern age. Nothing wrong with that! But because I love books, I'll take this chance to fanpush that whole reading thing on you. ;)
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