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Day two~

So today was the second (and final) day of the con. I woke up early and felt sick so I stayed in bed until 2 and then made it to the con at about 3. All we really did was go to the dealer's room, eat and then see the improv show (which was great).
So yes, yesterday was hime/sweet, today was gothic!

I was actually asked for pictures a bunch more this time, I also got glomped like 3 times (normally I hate that, but it was fun anyway haha). I also didn't really get glared at as much.. or I just didn't notice ^^;
I saw some other good lolitas there, but they didn't say hi ;_; One girl had this btssb OP:

Pics were taken after the con yet again, so I'm a bit disheveled.
This outfit is almost the same as the one I showed pics of last time, but with a few additions.

I look rather angry in this one x.0

I decided to take these in our front "yard", it has our house in the bg instead of a van/taxi. I left the house in the frame because I think it's cool. I also like how vibrant the colors look XD

And of course..Outfit stats!
Umbrella: Moi Meme Moitie
Shirt: Victorian Maiden
Coat: Black Peace Now
Skirt: Blanche Neige
Bag: Hello Kitty (lol yes, goths like kitty too!)
Socks: Metamorphose
Shoes: Yosuke

Overall I'm pleased with how my outfit turned out. I'm also glad I got the ruffly BPN coat in the Lucky Pack and not the more gothic one (although, I could have used that too XD).
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