The Calamity from the Sky (nozomiwhitewolf) wrote in egl,
The Calamity from the Sky

WTB: Sweet Lolita or Pirate/EGA Lolita Dress w/ 30" waist.

I ask because it's hard for me to find (or maybe I'm just not looking in the right places) for something that will fit my waist. I feel like a lot of the Japanese shops don't have larger sizes or I am just afraid that if I buy something it won't be stretchy and it won't fit. ;_; So I figured I'd ask the nice folks here first to see if anyone might be selling something that can handle a 30"/31" waist. (76/77cm) I am looking for sweet lolita in particular preferrably pink and/or white but anything might do, just post with anything you might have. Pirate lolita would be cool too but I think it's sort of hard to find. I also love the Alice lolita style. Maybe asking for a commission would be best too if there are no brand names that have something in 30" waist.

Thanks. I hope I was specific enough.

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