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Yesterday it was my 18th Birthday, so I had a picnic and dressed lolita^^ The first time I've done a full lolita outfit.

The Outfit:

Blouse: Laura Ashley
Headband: Angelic Pretty
Petticoat: Second hand
Dress: Customised Ganji, My friend gave it straps, added lace and scolloped the bottom (Which must have taken her ages >.<)

Here's a random one when I had just done my make up^^

And also every Lolita should have a knitted turtle! <3

There aren't any more pics of the full outfit because I was taking the pictures, and nobody else did ;_; So for you sheer amusement, Here is a picture of a drunk Lolita who took off her blouse cause she was hot........WITHOUT removing her dress....

I'm going to dig around my friends see if they have anymore pics of me.

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