sharp and spooky (quemadura) wrote in egl,
sharp and spooky

DS post (beward dialup users!)

Small rules:

1. I can accept Paypal, money orders, checks, and well concealed cash.
2: I usually ship on weekends (Saturday).
1: Red Meta Replica dress.
It's really gorgeous, but honestly, I have trouble getting it off of me when I wear it. It has shirring in the back, but i wouldn't reccomend it for anyone over 40" bust. I bought this a while ago from a seller in Spain, who was very nice. I paid $60 for it. I tried it on a few times, but never any serious wear for more than 30 minutes. Throw out some offers.

2: Meta Ribbon Alice Band (Black x White)
I bought this a while ago for $20. Never worn and it currently sits around my room. I'm dying to get rid of it. It's the same bow shown here

3: Unknown brand bow:
I was told by the seller that she bought it at a shop in Harajuku, but didn't know what brand it is. There is no indication of brand on the bow. It's a simple fabric bow with black lace. Sorry for the crappy picture =\

There's a few other non-brand things I'm selling at this page.
Thanks for looking =)
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