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BTSSB Group Order - CLOSED

Information -
I'll open this to US and International~ but shipping to international might be a little pricey. Everything will be shipped via Priority Mail unless you request different.
I'll be setting a limit of 350 USD. So far, I have not been hit with a customs fee, but if by a rare chance it occurs, I'd like to evenly split it. Do NOT send me money before hand, I will invoice you.
First payment will be the cost of your item plus your share of baby's shipping from them to me. After I have received the items, I will send you another invoice for shipping from me to you!
(Thanks to emiirie  for this idea!)

*Edit* Due to me using up alot of the limit, limit has been increased to 500 USD. xD


I'd like all orders in by Sunday, May 27th! I'll be placing the order around 11pm EST.
 I'll be paying via IPMO; I will cover the fees for this!

If you wish to pay by CCPaypal, I will ask you to cover the fee.
I do not accept anything other than PayPal!

Email me at
Information I will need if you are interested!
Your Name/LJ Name
Email Address & Paypal Address
Method of Payment (CCPaypal, Non-CC Paypal)
Mailing Address
Product Code
Product Name
Size (If you want shoes!)

For feedback, refer to my journal.

=D Lets hope for a nice and smooth order!

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