The Calamity from the Sky (nozomiwhitewolf) wrote in egl,
The Calamity from the Sky

Some of the stuff I own (mostly h.Naoto blood/misc.)

Good day, all. Thought I would post some of the clothing I own. I know some of you mentioned to me that it is debated whether or not h.Naoto is considered 'lolita' but I thought I'd post it anyway because some of it is really cute. :D

My favorite-est skirt ever. h.Naoto Blood black skirt with black ruffles and ribbons with Engrish written on them. (I think it says something like "the good witch and bad witch exist among us." Or something...haha, I dunno!!

This next skirt is supposedly Putumayo but I think it's a knock-off. I bought it in Taiwan for very cheap, unless Putumayo is supposed to be cheap, I don't know, can someone tell me how I can figure out if it's the real deal or not? (Looking at the tag or something??)

This one was also purchased in Taiwan. I really like it, it's so cute! While most of the clothes I own probably don't 'classify" as lolita, I think this one is the closest I have.

This last black skirt I got for extremely cheap at Filene's basement and it's pretty nice, although once again probably not 'lolita' in its purest form but might work as an underpinning for a black outfit, maybe as an extra layer with the petti?

Another from-Taiwan purchase. I got it in Ximen. Never heard of the brand either, it's either something unique to Taiwan or something made to be a knock-off. It was very cheaply made and two buttons came off and there used to be another black ribbon bow in the top center but it came off. :(

The next is an h.Naoto blood cutsew. I think I paid around 10,000Y or 12,000Y for it. Thereabouts. My spending wasl imited since most of the stuff wasn't stretchy or if it DID fit me, miraculously, the sleeves were always too tight!

Another h.Naoto blood cutsew, this one is less revealing and more elegant IMO.

And that's it for now. Gee I wish I had more "sweet" lolita clothes in pastel shades......hence why I am selling old stuff to save up. But I doubt I will ever sell these, I love them so much!! :)
Thanks for reading. :D
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