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Showoffy post >(:3

Shown with petticoat underneath


Black dress :3 made with sateen (cotton)

Both of these were made for a friend (black dress was for last years b-day and coat was for last Christmas ^^). Had to dye the lace for the black coat but it's all colorfast ;D

I'm taking commissions if anyone is interested. Things like skirts, jackets, simple dresses, etc. I've had experience in those three, but I've yet to make a blouse or cutsew. I've done a bit of work with knits though. I may have the time for more complicated stuff after June though.

If you're interested or would like more information please reply here or feel free to send me an e-mail at flash.ah.ah(at)gmail.com. Please note though that I'm not a fast sewer, I prefer to take things a bit slower and more steady.

Thank you for looking! Fyi, the coat is the most recent thing I've made, it's Angelic Pretty knock-off (the pics aren't on the site anymore but I can scan them if you want).

nekkutyttoe, sorry for the delay I am shipping your shirt first thing tomorrow!

shamp [f r u i t c a k e], did you receive the dress yet?
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