★:herajika:★ (herajika) wrote in egl,

UK custom??

It seems that my package from Crescent Shop is stuck in custom.  Does anyone know how much is custom (approx. my package was £130)?  And how do they calculate it?  Also, are there ways to avoid this situation in the future (e.g. does sending by airmail rather than EMS help?  Does putting the package as gift help; though I know Crescent shop wouldn't do that for me ;____;?)

Aargh.  After all the bloody fees, I still have to pay.  I really have to think twice about buying stuff.

Thanks! ^^;;;

EDIT: £47.21 out of my pocket. FUCK you UK customs. *phew, I am ok...*
I still have another parcel coming through *sigh* just need to find a way to take advantage of that under-£7-no-duty thing.

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