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Musics for you ^^

I was just wandering around youtube when I came across some videos/songs I thought some of you might enjoy :) Some of them are lolita-ish 6_6' maybe. Some are completely unrelated but they're pretty songs.

YUNYU-Lenore's Song
Creepy little 'reply' to Poe's "Raven". All done in stop motion! :o

ROISIN MURPHY-Ramalama Bang Bang
The video is one of the "so you think you can dance" group numbers. Very... "interview with a vampire" :)

EIKO SHIMAMIYA-Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni
Very eerie. Cute twins in loli dresses

KOTOKO-Sukaranbo Kiss
It's... very strange. Maybe more Fruits than loli perhaps

SIA-Breathe me


Speaking of videos. There were some videos posted a (long) while ago and I never saved the URLs!! If describe them and anyone remembers could they provide links please? Thanks!
#1. Japanese song with a yellow background and the girl just sings, hands in her pockets and sorta dances and then to the right of her is a guy playing drums or something.
#2. English song, in sepia. A girl looking like a doll sitting on a chair and she has cuts on her body out of which plants are growing and there's lots of ladybugs and she's sewing herself up.

Sorry I can't remember anything more but like I said, they were posted a while back. Thanks!
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