anachronisticme (anachronisticme) wrote in egl,

Some Sketches

Hi egl! So I actually scanned in some random lolita drawings, so I figured I would share! ^_^ (there are quite a few)

Something a little bit more harlequin inspired, I think there should be more things like that.

I love Mary Magdalene!

This is the most recent sketch and I drew it when these mm dresses went on reserve, which shows how long it takes me to get around to scaning things, lol.

Alice and the Pirates is love.

H. naoto inspired, kind of punk-ish I guess...

Um, this is sort of a crack doodle, I just drew it because I like rap... This is what my future big black boyfriend and I will look like (because that is one of my goals in life) On a side note, it's is so freakin' hard to draw black guys with corn rows in anime form!!

Yeah. That's all I think, I hope you enjoyed. :D
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