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Skirt tutorial: its a cheap sort of crappy skirt, do something about it!

I am not sure if something like this has been posted, but I am in the process of "lolifying" the wardrobe that I already have before I spend money on newer pieces. Some would say this is more loli-inspired, others would say otherwise. The skirt is one I bought from Ross for about 3 dollars, the fabric is stiff and it was a bit matronly so I went at it. This tutorial is good for beginner sewers!

NOTE: I am in the middle of packing to move which means that I am with out a lot of my supplies so please no " NEEDS MOAR RACE!" comments, as my "race" is in a box ( personally I think this print is to busy to include lace) ^_^

You will need:
A skirt. Yeah..that one you keep in the back of your closet. The one you have not given away yet and wear once in a while. Preferably a gathered skirt, or one that has wide enough pannels to wear with a petti.
Some elastic.
Trims etc.

kind of blah yes?

Time to cut, make sure you measure how long you want your skirt to be and then mark it on the skirt. Fold it over and cut, FROM THE TOP ( why? because when you cut away from the top you will a wide waist area so it will gather nicely when you put in the elastic)


Now its time to do the waist band. Fold over the top piece of the fabric to the inside about 1 1/4 inch - 1 1/2 inch depending on how wide your elastic is, pin and sew down. Feel free to finnish the edges or fold them under. The fabric in the skirt I am using does not fray so I am going to pull my Lazy Bum card.

I prefer to do a 2 channel waist band when working with elastic, because the fabric lays down well and it is sturdy. If you do chose to do a single channel use wider elastic, or shorten the fold over for the waist band.

Run that elastic!
Sew the edges of the elastic together to create a ring. It is best to do the top channel first as doing the bottom will make it a bit hard to work with. A good way to put the elastic in is to use a sturdy saftey pin, fold over the tip of the elastic and put the saftey pin at the tip. Make sure you hold onto the excess elastic haning out of the skirt or it will fly into the waist band!

And, in about 30 minutes or less, you have yourself a nice skirt. Just add a petti and you are set.

I hope this will help some people out. More projects to come ^_^
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