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Suggestions please :D

What kind of items would you be most likely to buy in the artist alley at a convention?

I'm going to be selling lolita stuff at Fanime in a little over a week, and I've finished everything I was planning to make.

I'm mostly going to have hair stuff, barrettes and bows and the like, but there will be some skirts and bags and jewelry.

I'll go crazy if I'm not making more stuff this weekend, so what do you think I should focus on?

Based on the materials I have on hand, I can make:

tote bags
hair bows
beaded jewelry
beaded crowns
simple skirts
a handful of 1.25" pin-back buttons

I could do other stuff using fabric, ribbon, lace, beads, wire, etc. But I'm sort of creatively used up.

Please someone, tell me what to do. I have all this energy and no idea what I'm up to. XD
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