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For Trade (or Possible DS) Angelic Pretty White Blouse

I have this very cute Angelic Pretty Blouse that I would like to trade! A friend of mine bought it for me from Closet Child just this month while she was in Japan, but unfortunately the frills/lace on the front of the shirt are just too big for both my size and liking. I'm hoping to trade for another Brand Blouse (preferbly Baby or AP) with detachable sleeves. : )

This blouse has never been worn out by me, and is actually is more of a slight off-white, rather than Meta's pure white blouses.

Label/Lace and trim detail

Amateur Measurements, Flat across
Bust: 43cm
Waist: 37cm
Length: 51cm

Please do tell me if you need anymore photos, information, measurements! If there's any need, I can be contacted at rainofstarsATgmail.com

Thank you! ♥

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