Deportment and Frippery (celticfreefall) wrote in egl,
Deportment and Frippery

Needs monies plz to be DS cluttering ur listz: My Anime North Fund, help ^_^

Baby, the Stars Shine Bright JSk (Pink x White)
Asking Price: $180

I bought this Baby, the Stars Shine Bright jumper and bonnet a long while ago as a foray into something of a more sweet lolita style, with mixed feelings. Looks great on me, but as usual I just can't see myself wearing it as it deserves, instead of sitting in my closet gathering dust. It has only been worn once for photoshoot purposes, about a four hour period.

The waist measurement Baby has listed is 70cm, but it is mostly free waisted. It's practically an underbust on me. I'd say that it could accommodate up to about 80 to 85cm or more, as it has wonderfully stretchy shirring in the back. For reference on length, I am 4 feet 11 inches tall, and have a 30 inch waist, 34 inch bust.

Info: With mulitiple offers, I use a bid system and the item goes to the highest offer. Paypal is preferred, but I will accept money orders as well. For shipping reference, my postal code is 48858, and I usually use USPS Priority Mail unless otherwise requested. All items come from a smoke free, pet free home. Please comment or e-mail me at with any questions you might have and thanks for looking!

If anyone needed me to put stuff on loligoth_dbs , I've had a bit of e-mail trouble (my account decided to burp and be reborn on me) please comment in reminder if I haven't! (I'm on there with a +1 for reference as well)
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