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I am in need of moneys to fund my unhealthy lolita habit, so plz to be buying my stuff. I may be interested in trades, but for the most part, I'm only interested in finding items in antique white/cream or brown right now. I'm especially looking for some reasonable antique white bloomers, as well as accessories.

Milky Ange Chelsea jumper skirt

(I'll include my own photos upon request; I just didn't want to have to pull out the camera again when there's already nice photos available.)

Asking: $210

Bust: 96 cm
Waist: 88 cm
Height: 96 cm

Amazing sailor loli ensemble with gorgeous back ruffles and ribbon corsetting. Very customizable with the removable apron front and bows (I think it looks really nice and less cosplayish without the apron, personally). Bought in new condition from another seller, but it's way too big for me. Has only been tried on once. This is the size large on the site, so the measurements are listed accordingly.

Metamorphose Lily & Rose over knee socks - SOLD

Asking: $20

Antique white/brown socks, bought with a group order and only tried on once. They're too long and bulky for me--much better for taller lolitas. New without tags.

Metamorphose accessory set - SOLD

Asking: $45

I tried to sell this earlier and never received payment from the buyer. Features a matching bracelet and necklace, which both have tiny pearls and silver-colored card suit charms. A silver-colored crown charm hangs down from where you clasp the necklace behind your neck (adjustable length), and a matching one hangs from the bracelet. New with tags, in the original re-sealable packaging. No longer sold on the Meta website.

Putumayo pink/brown/red tank top

Asking: $50

Bust: 34" min (stretches pretty far)
Length: 21"

Bought on sale directly from the Putumayo site. Slightly too large for me, so only worn a couple of times. Features ruffles along the top and bottom, with two neck straps in the front and two in the back to cross in front of or behind the neck. Like new condition.

Putumayo black cutsew - SOLD

Asking: $15

Bust: 24" min (stretchy)
Length: 21"

Bought used on eBay a while back. Black t-shirt featuring odd straps that I think are supposed to go around your arms (never did quite figure out how they should be worn). There is some light discoloration under the sleeves--nothing visible, really, but I knocked the price down because of it.

Putumayo pink corduroy jacket

Asking: $70

Bust: 38" max
Length: 24"

New with tags, gorgeous corduroy jacket with original embroidery designs. Unlined, so probably best for Fall/Spring wear in colder climates. This is amazingly adorable, but is sadly it's way too big for me.

Cornet black one-piece

Lace detail
Worn by the adorable pinkwigs

(Photos used with permission from pinkwigs.)

Asking: $150 *PRICE REDUCED*

Bust: 30-36"
Waist: 24-28"
Length: 34" Shoulder to hem

Purchased from pinkwigs a while back and it's been lonely in my closet ever since (original sale here).

This is an absolutely gorgeous dress, all high quality, fully lined, with various kinds of beautiful black eyelet and Venetian lace. The fabric is very heavy, especially the skirt, with its multiple rows of lace, and the sleeves are puffed with shirring all the way down so that it hugs your arm. Perfect for cooler weather. I'll never have anything to wear something so formal for, so I'm afraid I must let it go.

white K-Star "Aya" blouse

Asking: $50

Has long been sold out in this color on Noir Desir. Very striking high-collared blouse with non-detachable cravat-style tie. Elasticated sleeves to provide a poofy effect along them. Worn only once for a photoshoot, like new condition. Great for either lolita or aristocrat.

Handmade black apron - SOLD

Asking: $20

Note: the white marks are only in the photos--the real apron has no marks or dust whatsoever. Made by the awesome seamstress tian_shi along with a bustle skirt. I love the skirt too much to part with it, but I've never found an occasion to wear the apron other than a brief photoshoot. It's a really gorgeous apron, with pleats and high quality velvet ribbon above the ruffles.

Feedback: I have positive feedback on loligoth_dbs. Anybody who has dealt with me in the past, I would greatly appreciate it if you left me feedback.

Shipping: All items are shipped out of Alberta, Canada. To save time I'll offer flat rates of $9.50 to Canada and the USA, and $13.50 worldwide. I'll combine shipping on multiple items.

Payment: Non-CC Paypal is preferred. All prices are in USD.

Please note: I do have pets in the house. Although I will do my best to remove any animal hair before shipping, those little white buggers have a habit of creeping in. If you have allergies or anything, you might want to be aware of this.

Any further questions can be addressed here or by email to spirit_seraphim@yahoo.com.
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