cjheth (cjheth) wrote in egl,

Community Idea

So heartland lolis, the community for those of us SHUNNED MERCILESSLY BY MIDWEST (;_;) has been rather dead. It has come to my attention this is likely because the owner of the community is gone, due to some serious dramaz, and getting in contact with her seems impossible.

If I were to moderate a community for the states covered in heartland, would anyone be interested in joining?

edit: for those unaware of which states this covers, it's Iowa, Kansas, South Dakota, North Dakota, Missouri, Minnesota and Nebraska. I would be willing to take more states if any states not listed here in the central US area don't have their own groups (Oklahoma and Arkansas come to mind). I would also axe any states that now has their own community since Heartland was created and abandoned. Just lemme know. I'm not looking to step on toes.
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