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For all the lolitas in Alberta, this is a possible meet-up plan for May 20th in Calgary.

There is a lolita fashion show planned for Sunday, May 20th at Otafest (at the University of Calgary). I would like to arrange a meet-up, however I need some opinions before I go ahead.

1) Who is all planning on going to Otafest? Admission is cheap, only $12, and you don't have to pay if you are not going to attend panels or video showings. If you want to just come for the meet-up (if it happens), that is fine :3

2) If we do plan a meet-up for after the fashion show that day (I think it ends at 1pm), what would you guys like to do?

Getting around Calgary from the con isn't too difficult because there is a C-train station. Going downtown might be the best option. Down there are cafes/restaurants, malls (outdoor mall, eau claire mall, eaton centre, etc.) and parks (notably Prince's Island Park). There is also the option of going to the arcade or a movie at the Eau Claire Mall. There are also other things in the city such as the zoo.

The weather will play a very important role though, if it's nasty out the park is probably not a good idea & whatnot.

So anyways, I'd like to figure out how many people might be able to make it and what people would like to do. I don't want to end up not meeting up with anybody or doing something nobody wants to XD

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