pixelatedtrash (pixelatedtrash) wrote in egl,

Co-ordination help.

So I got given a new skirt as a gift, but I have no idea what to wear with it. It's high waisted with shirring and corset lacing up the front as you can see in this photo, but I feel like if I dont wear it with a corset I look a bit fat :(

Bad cam photo:

Me wearing the skirt and corset at work. Ignore the rest of the outfit and my tartiness, I have to wear tight shirts to work :p

So, any suggestions as to what kind of blouse or shirt to wear with this, or anything I can do to look less poofy around the middle? I personally think it looks nice with the corset but I'd like another way to wear it.

Also, I want to think of a new fancy way to wear my new hair. Well, not fancy but nice. Heres my hair. Its just a tad longer than you can see and yes it is that orange, even more so in bright shiney day light. (Also excuse my facepulling :P) Suggestions anyone?

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