lorelei_mayrose (lorelei_mayrose) wrote in egl,

WTB + a question concerning music

I'm looking for a person who was selling little hairclips with bows and roses, in different colours. That was some time ago, two weeks or so.
Either that, or else I'll consider any offers for hairclips, cream colour. Price 5$ max + shipping so I'm not expecting brand.

Also, I have a question, are there any musician lolitas on this community? Who play an instrument, sing etc. Are any of you part of a band, or any kind of musical project? does it have a relation with lolita? I'm curious :). Plus I have a project of my own I'm working on, and I am looking for musicians, but well I guess they would have to be French and not too far from where I am, so I don't have much hope of finding anyone here! lol.
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