The Anti-Social Socialite (emiko) wrote in egl,
The Anti-Social Socialite

International Loliday Postcard Exchange~ Sign Ups

Love that thrill of getting 'real' mail? Wouldn't it be even better to receive some loli-mail? In celebration of Loliday, I'm setting up a Loliday Postcard Exchange!

Participants will have two weeks to make two postcards to send to their partners. Ideally you should hand-make your cards (some people buy blank postcards, others cut them to size from cardstock, then decorate as they see fit), but if by some odd reason you have some purchased from wherever, feel free to send those (but please, do not send those Kamikaze Girls promotional cards, that's just cheap!). Send something you would like to receive~

*Edit: You can pretty much send anything through the mail, so don't be afraid to stick whatever on your card. Just make sure it's secured on it ^.~

Also, make sure you put the right amount of postage on your postcard if it's oversized or going overseas :) A standard size postcard (6" X 4.25") from the U.S. to the U.K. is $.075, as an example. Keep in mind if you and your partner are overseas, then it will obviously take longer~ You can either send early, or just wait it out. I will try to match people up within their continent though.

EDIT: Thanks to drahtpuppe for the heads up :) Postage rates in the US are going up, so postcards sent within the US will be .26, not .24 cents. Overseas postcards will be .90, no longer .75 cents~

The send out date will be May 26th (Saturday). If you sign up, make sure you will be able to send before or by this date! Since you can't track postcards, this is all in good faith, so please do not flake out on your partner. If your card mysteriously dissapears, the nice thing to do would be to re-send a new one. I'm not going to hold anyone to this, but I will be keeping track of sends/receives and who doesn't. I plan on setting up more easy exchanges in the future and will ban you from participating if you are a continuous flaker ^__~

So, if you'd like to participate, fill out this form and email it to me at goth.lolita AT I will reply to you when I receive your email~

LJ User:
Name: First and Last please!!!
Shipping Address:
Favorite Style:
Willing to Send Overseas?:

Also, I know some members are not so keen on others, so let me know if there are any users in particular you do not want to be paired up with. You don't need to give any reason, just let me know and I'll keep it in mind :)

If you want to trade a third postcard, let me know and I'll trade with you ^__^

Thanks for all the interest everyone! Sign ups will close this Thursday at 11:59 PM! I will email you all your partner's information Friday-Saturday. Hopefully this'll work out well <3
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