Lysa Marie (brightxlilxstar) wrote in egl,
Lysa Marie

Questions questions questions

So I've been scowering around for a wa loli outfit and I really haven't been too impressed with what I've seen. I may perhaps (once the laziness wears off and I finish my other projects) sew my own. To be quite frank I'm tired of seeing that red and black one from Body Line. I did find one that strikes my fancy a bit but before I go and drop some green on it I thought that I would ask around to see if anyone had and what their opinion was of it. Quality of fabric, easy of wear, can you easily modify the bow in the back, and any other tid bits of information or otherwise helpful would be very much appreciated. =)

Edit: I'm a tiny girl 4'11 would something like this completely overpower me or would I be ok?

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